We are passionate about helping people! It is our purpose. The core foundation of Morgan’s Life Essentials is based on prayer and worship. Everything we do, we do unto the Lord. Every product we create, we pray over, we declare His promises of healing, power, and breakthrough to manifest in your lives. While we make the products, we have worship music playing over it. We saturate the atmosphere with God’s presence, so it could overflow onto everything we produce. We are to steward healing through our gifts we’ve been given and restore the temple’s of His people. We are triune-beings and need healing in all three areas: mind, body, and Spirit!


Our mission is to reclaim traditional remedies that were lost throughout the years to the modern day society. To inform the uninformed, and to share the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained over the years. We believe the saying, “Knowledge isn’t power until it’s applied.”


How did this journey begin, how did you go about starting Morgan’s Life Essentials you ask?” It started many, many years ago! I’ve always loved cooking and spent my early years as a child in the kitchen being creative. I’ve always had a passion for food! Fast forward many years later in my early teens. I underwent several hip surgeries totaling to 9. I spent a lot of my teenage and early twenties in and out of the hospital with different health ailments and put on several different medications that I was to “take for the rest of my life.” As I got older in my 20’s, I started developing more and more gut issues that was manifesting in different parts of my body. I went to several different specialists to see what was wrong, yet through all the procedures no one could determine what was wrong with me. Instead, I was given more medications, which also included more side effects. After years of my health getting worse, I took matters into my own hands. I stopped taking all prescription medications and started taking natural supplements, and started doing my own research, got back into working out, and eating healthy and organic foods. I made a huge lifestyle change and never looked back. Well, all the years prior had caught up with me, and now it was time to restore what was damaged. Along my journey to healing and wholeness, I’ve met some pretty amazing people! One person in particular, Dr. E, made such an impact in my life. He was the one person who helped me identify the root issues in my health. I was on the right track, but he helped speed the process up and provided solutions to healing those areas, and not putting a “bandaid!” After following the protocol for my gut issues, is when I was introduced to bone broth and fermented foods. I started making my own broth and fermented foods to help me heal, and started sharing it with my family and friends. I even started making it for people because I knew they needed it to get better, and some just didn’t have the time to make it. I saw a need and filled it. I knew what it had done for me, and I wanted everyone that I loved to experience that same thing! At that point I didn’t start the business, but God had something else in mind. He kept sending people to me to encourage me to start MLE, and when I started, He sent the people to me, He wanted His people to find healing. I’ve always had a passion to help people, I believe that is my purpose. Through all my health ailments, it brought me to this point to share all that I’ve learned along the way to help many other people who feel alone in the process, and to be that hope! I never wanted anyone to feel what I did, so it is my mission to inform the uninformed and to help the people along the way! It’s time we reclaim traditional remedies to our modern day society, are you ready?!